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Mars Panel 10 G with Thermostat MRS-AC10G

With 10+2 buttons and OLED high resolution screen, built in temperature sensor  the AC10G can easily control air condition FCU, Split AC and floor heater, the OLED screen will show alerts, Reminders and also can show all Music tracks , Volume, Radio and other information from the Audio player, the Mars  Series designed to fit in any back box (US, UK, Europe standard) , AC10G can use any type of Panel Addition to be connected  to TIS Bus network for  controlling the lights, music, air-condition, motor and other appliances...

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Important Features

-  12 buttons (2 for climate control, 10 for other controlling function)

-  Each button has  2 LED colors vary between blue red or green.

-  Each button has LED backlit with laser engraving.

-  High resolution  OLED 0.9 inch screen.

- Can Be programmed manually or with TIS software.

- Can display Music albums, song track, and volume control.

- Can display error message and alerts.  

-  Built-in Infrared receiver and temperature sensor. 

-  It has 7 different colors with nice finishing.

-  Can be attached to any type of Panel Addition.

-  Working with TIS bus protocol

-  PC anti-flame case.

-  UL USA  certified  terminal, ICs and PCB.

-  Product CE certified.

Technical Specification
Inputs  IR receiver IR receiver
Using Panel Addition
TIS Infrared code receiver
2-3 Digital Inputs
Outputs Using Panel Addition 3R
Using Panel Addition 3DL-12V 
Using Panel Addition 2DL-IRE
3 Relay Output 3A/5A
12V DC 50mA Output
IR Emitter 
TIS Bus   Number of devices on 1 line
Bus voltage
Current consumption
Max.  64
12-32 V DC
<35 mA /  24 V DC
Protection Protection Rever se Polarity Protection
ESD Protection
Reaction time    approx.  20ms
Mounting   Wall mount by 2 screws on the back box (UK ,  Europe,  US)
Connection terminal  Data  2 mail pins connector s to fit in panel addition
Operating and display elements 12/8/4 Buttons
Indicator LED
TIS bus
For controlling lights,  scene,  etc…
12/8/4 Blue and Orange LED
6/4/2 pair s of White neon LED
TIS Protocol massages and commands1 X mini USB for up to date upgrading
Functions    1 Press
Long Press
Double click
IR receiver
Dim or ramp the lights
Extra Scene
Music,  scene,  lights control 
Weight   Without packaging 150 g
Dimensions    Width x length x height 90 * 125 * 15-21 peak
Housing  Materials 
Casing color
Internal Par ts  color
PC anti fire
Black/Titanium,   Silver,   White,   Champaign, 
coal,  Bronze or special color
Black  &  White
Temperature range Operation
Air humidity   <85% non-condensing


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