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Panel Addition 3 Relay 3Amps ADD-3R-3A

ADD-3R-3A is  designed also to support 1 FCU to control 3 fan speeds as low, medium and high speed also can be set to control cool, heat, FAN as HVAC controller.  It give the panel a bus network port with extra functions of controlling 3rd party curtain motor left and right.  each output can support 3  Amps load.

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Important Features

-  3 output Relay switch.

-  can configure to control HVAC and Fan Speed.

-  Working with TIS bus protocol

-  PC anti-flame case.

-  UL USA  certified terminal, ICs and PCB.

-  Product CE certified.

Technical Specification
Number of channels  
Nominal voltage 
Nominal current per channel  
Low current 
Lighting Incandescent Lamp  
Motor s /   Air condition 
0  –  230 V AC 50/60 Hz 
3 A /    28 VDC 
1  A  /  230 VAC     
2  A /  230 VAC   
Output swi tching current
Max switching current   
Max Continues current   
3 A/230 VAC  
2 A/230 VAC 
Output s er vice life 
Mechanical ser vice life    >  5 ,000,000 Times  
Output swi tching time
Operating time  
Releasing time  
10mS (at nomi.  Volt)   
10 mS  (at nomi.  Volt)  
Other s peci fication 
Contact Resistance 
Insulation Resistance 
100mΩ max.  (at 1A 24VDC)  
1000MΩ (500VDC)  
Reaction time    approx.  20ms
Function programmable 
3 Separate channels  
Simple FCU Function  
F an speed control 
Motor and Lighting  
For control Incandescent lamps  (200 watts)   
Cool,  Heat ,  Fan outputs  
Low,  Medium,  High outputs 
Ch1.Ch2  as  open  /   close  interlocked,   Ch3  work ndependent ly. 
Behind the panel  Attached to the back of TIS  panel,   can be fit in all world back box standards.  
Connection terminal  
Load and Power  
Data /  bus 
Panel Link   
Screw terminal  0,25…2mm2 
connector s Link  
Female 2 connector s for  TIS Panel connection  
Weight   Without packaging  20 g
Width x length x height 
With the cover 
5 4 mm x 50mm x 24mm 
5 4 mm x 50mm x 32mm 
Cas ing color    
PC anti fire  
Temperature range Operation
-20…6 0°C  
Air humidity   <85% non-condensing


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